WA Tuberculosis Control Program

The Western Australian Tuberculosis Control Program (external site) provides a statewide outpatient public health service. The program accommodates the needs of adult and paediatric clients and promotes family-based care. Although the target clientele for the program is the entire community, emphasis is invariably on the following high-risk groups:

  • People from high tuberculosis (TB) prevalence countries (especially migrants on health undertakings or of refugee status, residency applications, illegal entrants)
  • People who have had contact with infectious TB
  • Socially disadvantaged groups
  • Those with medical conditions known to predispose to TB
  • Special occupational groups (e.g. health care workers).

The program offers a comprehensive service; a medical assessment, pathology collection and radiology (chest X-ray) are usually performed within the centre. All clients suspected of having TB or on TB treatment are assigned a nursing case manager who provides support on an individual basis, ensuring effective care delivery through the implementation and evaluation of the case management plan.

Last Updated: 19/10/2021