North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) is committed to providing the highest level of care to our community, in line with our organisational values of accountability and integrity.

If you suspect that the behaviour of a NMHS employee constitutes misconduct, there are a number of reporting mechanisms that are available to you.

What is misconduct?

Misconduct includes acts or behaviours that are unacceptable to NMHS, and may include:

  • fraud or illegal practice of a financial nature
  • breaches of patient confidentiality
  • theft by a public officer
  • physical violence, unwanted or inappropriate physical contact including excessive use of force.

How to report misconduct

To report suspected misconduct to NMHS, contact the Manager, Integrity Directorate by phoning (08) 6457 7035.

Alternatively, you can report:

Complaints are different to misconduct

A complaint is generally an expression of dissatisfaction by or on behalf of an individual consumer / carer regarding any aspect of service provided by NMHS, including:

Last Updated: 20/05/2022