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Anyone in Australia aged 16 and over can register on the Australian Organ Donor Register. It only takes one minute.

Visit DonateLife: Join the register (external site) to submit a new registration and check if you are already registered.

Learn more about the donation process

Organ and tissue donation saves many lives every year. Most donors are deceased, but people can also become a living donor.

Visit DonateLife: All about donation (external site) for information about who can donate, who will be helped by your donation, how donation works, myths about donation, support for donor families, statistics in Australia, living donation, and donation stories.


Eye and tissue donation awareness

Unlike organ donation, many more people can become eye and tissue donors. This is because you don’t have to die in a hospital setting to be considered for eye and tissue donation. The donation can also occur up to 24 hours after death.

Visit DonateLife: Eye and tissue donation awareness (external site)

Last Updated: 13/09/2023