Cancer Network WA

The Cancer Network Western Australia (CNWA), formally known as WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network Clinical Implementation Unit supports patients across the State to promote access to quality, timely care. Our unit helps patients at many points along the cancer pathway – screening to prevent cancer; throughout their cancer journey; and to support the best palliative care options.

CNWA’s work aligns with the WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 (external site) and we work with partners internal and external to WA Health to support the community.

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact the Overseas Liaison Officer on (08) 6457 1809 or email to obtain information regarding fees for your appointment.

Please click on the icons to find more information on CNWA, the Cancer Nurse Coordination Service, National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and WA Psych-Oncology Service.

Last Updated: 19/04/2024