Notifying diseases

In Western Australia, any doctor, nurse practitioner or pathology provider who knows or suspects that a person has a notifiable infectious disease is legally obligated to report the diagnosis to the WA Department of Health.

The full list of notifiable infectious diseases in WA can be found on the WA Department of Health (external site) website. The statutory requirement to notify communicable diseases and related conditions is specified in the Public Health Act 2016 (external site) (Part 9) and the Public Health Regulations 2017.


Most notifiable conditions can be notified by health providers using the Infectious and Related Diseases Notification Form (PDF). This is usually returned to the Department of Health via fax, however, diseases with a telephone icon require a call to Boorloo PHU, even if the case is only suspected, due to the urgency of the public health follow-up required.


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acute rheumatic fever have specific forms (HIV Infection Notification Form (PDF) and Acute Rheumatic fever notification form (Word)) that should be used to notify these conditions.


Multi-resistant organisms (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, carbapenemase-producing organisms, vancomycin-resistant enterococcus) are notified by laboratories and do not require notification by doctors and nurses.


Outbreaks of acute respiratory infection (ARI) in residential aged care facilities in metropolitan Perth should be notified by facility staff using the Initial Assessment Form for Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) (external site). This includes COVID-19 and influenza outbreaks, for which five daily reporting will be commenced. Reporting of outbreaks of RSV are also encouraged, ongoing reporting is not required for these. Outbreaks involving other organisms, or occurring in other settings (eg: congregate living facilities, prisons) are not required to be notified to Boorloo PHU. However, staff may wish to submit the form as a means to seek support and advice.


Outbreaks of gastroenteritis in residential aged care facilities, schools and childcare centres should be notified by facility staff, by completing an Initial notification form for residential care facilities (external site) or schools and child care (external site) centres as appropriate and then calling or emailing Boorloo PHU. Outbreaks of gastroenteritis in other settings (eg: congregate living facilities, hospitals) are not required to be notified to Boorloo PHU. However, staff are welcome to contact Boorloo PHU for support and advice.


Hepatitis C in the push toward Hep C elimination by 2030 (PDF), Boorloo PHU is trying to link all eligible patients with treatment. Please contact Boorloo PHU by email if help is needed to re-engage your patient with treatment.


Rabies-prone exposures anyone who has potentially been exposed to the rabies virus or other lyssaviruses should receive post-exposure prophylaxis with rabies vaccine and in some cases, rabies immunoglobulin. Free vaccine and immunoglobulin are provided by WA Health for this purpose. Members of the public exposed to rabies should seek urgent medical attention. Doctors in the metropolitan area should contact Boorloo PHU on (08) 9222 8588 or email (office hours) or (08) 9328 0553 (after hours). Medical clinics will be asked to complete the online notification form (external site) to receive advice and delivery of rabies products urgently. Please note the form is only actioned during business hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, excluding public holidays and after-hours requests require a call to the on-call physician on (08) 9328 0553. Requests must only be completed by a medical practitioner or nurse and is not for use by the general public. Outside the Perth metropolitan area contact your local public health unit (external site). Some clinics in Perth hold government vaccine stock and may accept patient referrals, see WA Health protocol (PDF).


Other enquiries regarding notifiable infectious diseases and related conditions in the Perth area can be directed to Boorloo PHU as needed.

Last Updated: 30/04/2024