Creative Expression Centre for Arts Therapy (CECAT)

CECAT is a state-wide community mental health service located on the Graylands Hospital Campus. Services provided are arts therapy and arts psychotherapy that utilise the creative processes of art making, music making and/or writing to improve and enhance emotional and physical well-being. This therapy provides an alternative to talking therapies, with a primary focus of resolving trauma and mood related disorders and the effects this has on a person’s functioning. This approach to therapy is also more inclusive of consumers with kinaesthetic-tactile and visual learning styles.

CECAT staff work with consumers individually and in groups using a range of creative mediums and processes to assist in the recovery of young people and adults with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. Targeted therapeutic interventions are provided while developing emotional resilience, self-understanding, self-acceptance and creative problem solving.

Creative Arts as Therapy

These sessions explore and develop participant’s self-expression and assists participants in gaining insight, self-knowledge and acceptance of their individuality. In this type of therapy, the creative process is more important than the outcome or what is produced.

Creative Arts Psychotherapy

This is targeted therapy undertaken in a safe and supportive environment, either individually or in a group setting to address specific internal issues or trauma.

CECAT encourages social inclusion through community-based projects and exhibitions. However, the psychotherapeutic creative work undertaken by consumers is not generally exhibited or seen publicly.

Who is Eligible?

Persons aged between 16 and 65 years with a primary diagnosis of mental illness who:

  • Are under the care of a Psychiatrist, GP or other mental health professional in the community who is responsible for the individual’s mental health management and care coordination.
  • Are willing to make a commitment to engage and participate in the arts therapy process (individual and/or group programmes).
  • Can function safely within an open studio environment and handle equipment and materials with minimal supervision.
  • are independent in their self-care.
  • Consent to a two-way exchange of information between CECAT and treating clinicians/care coordinator and significant others.


CECAT accepts referrals from mental health professionals, who case manage their clients. To gain the best outcomes for consumers, CECAT requires the consumer to have ongoing support from their nominated mental health case manager.

All referrals are screened to assess for eligibility and suitability for Arts Therapy. As we are a community service with no emergency back-up or immediate medical, nursing or allied health support, some referrals may not be suitable. This will be discussed with the referral source and information regarding alternative services will be provided where possible.

CECAT Referral Form (Word)

CECAT Eligibility Criteria (PDF)

Completed referral documents can be:

  • Emailed to
  • Faxed to (08) 6159 6692
  • Posted to CECAT Services, Private bag 1, Post Office Claremont WA 6910
Last Updated: 27/10/2021