Older Adult Mental Health Services

NMHS Mental Health, Public Health and Dental Services (MHPHDS) Older Adult Mental Health Service is

  • Lower West Older Adult Mental Health
  • Osborne Park Older Adult Mental Health
  • Wanneroo Older Adult Community Mental Health

The NMHS Mental Health Older Adult Mental Health Program is responsible for the delivery of specialist mental health services to older people living in the North Metropolitan region of Perth. The Older Adult Program (OAP) operates several Older Adult Mental Health Services (OAMHS) that provide inpatient, Hospital in the Home and community services from locations in Wanneroo, Osborne Park and Shenton Park. A Geriatric Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Team also provides assessment and treatment planning to both Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Osborne Park Hospital.

Inpatient services are located at Osborne Park Hospital and Lower West (Selby) in Shenton Park. These are 24-hour services and can be contacted by the after-hours numbers in the referrals and service locality guide below. 

Services operate within a program management model with a Clinical Director, Program Manager and Nurse Director and two Heads of Service as the leadership team for the OAP, which reports to the Co-Directors for Mental Health Specialties. Each OAMHS is represented on one of two management and SQRM committees which report to Mental Health Specialties management committees. Located on the Selby Site, the leadership group can be contacted during business hours on (08) 9382 0800.

The service teams are multidisciplinary with consultant psychiatry, medical, nursing, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, clinical psychology, social work, physiotherapy, speech pathology, podiatry and dietetic services.

Underpinning the Model of Care is the practice of person-centred care and a focus on recovery in partnership with patients, consumers and their family and carers.

Older Adult Mental Health Services

Older Adult Mental Health Services (OAMHS) of the Older Adult Program (OAP) are integrated and provide:

  • Information and Triage
  • Case management
  • Therapy services which includes assessment, rehabilitation, maintenance and treatment
  • Inpatient units with most beds authorised under the Mental Health Act 2014
  • Physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation plans
  • Carer Liaison and Education Service
  • Teaching and Training in Older Adult Mental Health for staff and tertiary students
  • Psychiatric and medical diagnosis and assessment
  • Wide range of general and mental health nursing assessment, monitoring treatment and discharge planning functions across inpatient, community and day therapy settings
  • Social work liaison - support to family and carers with advocacy and Guardianship Board liaison; access to community agencies and residential placement and associated requirements
  • Clinical and neuro-cognitive assessments, interventions and behavioural management planning
  • Occupational therapy functional assessment and rehabilitation planning
  • Assessment and treatment of muscular-skeletal, cardio-respiratory and neurological problems, in collaboration with relevant medical specialists with participation in fitness, mobility and falls risk assessment.

Services interface with many primary care agencies assisting in shared care, case conferencing and treatment planning. Where possible, consumers and carers are involved in treatment planning and are encouraged to access carer support services and have representative positions on committees.

The OAP and its OAMHS services have linkages with the:

  • Guardianship and Administrative Tribunal
  • Office of the Chief Psychiatrist
  • Mental Health Tribunal
  • Mental Health Advocacy Service
  • Non-government and community-managed organisations
  • General psychiatry services
  • Geriatric medicine - complex referrals
  • Private sector - hostels and nursing homes and some private hospitals
  • Tertiary education - undergraduate and postgraduate training and teaching
  • Professional Interest Groups - Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry RANZCP and Clinical Psychology of Old Age interest group
  • Rural catchment areas: Osborne Park - Midwest; Selby Midwest; Clinical Research.


Older Adult Mental Health Services (OAMHS) care for older adults suffering from:

  • Psychiatric disorder complicated by physical conditions of aging such as physical frailty, degenerative illness or dementia
  • Dementia complicated by severe behavioural disturbance
  • Newly arising psychiatric conditions in persons 65 years and older.

Services may, when clinically appropriate, see persons younger than 65 years suffering from conditions usually associated with old age.

The provision of service is geared towards semi-urgent and elective referrals from secondary and tertiary sources including:

  • General practitioners
  • General hospitals and geriatric medicine units
  • General psychiatry services.

To discuss whether a person would benefit from attending our service or whether they meet our referral criteria, please contact the Triage/Duty Officer in your catchment area between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays.

The OAP is not resourced for emergency/after-hours assessments or after-hours inpatient admissions. Should the need arise, after hours emergencies should be directed to the Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL) by phoning 1300 555 788 (local call).

Service locality guide

Lower West Older Adult Mental Health Service, Selby Site - Inpatient and Community Service map

Lower West Older Adult Mental Health Service, Selby Site - Inpatient and Community Service
6 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park WA 6008
Tel: (08) 9382 0800
Triage Fax: (08) 9382 0802
Office Fax: (08) 9382 0820



Wanneroo Adult Community Mental Health map

Wanneroo Older Adult Community Mental Health Service
2 Cafaggio Crescent, Wanneroo WA 6065
Tel: (08) 6163 4800
Fax: (08) 9300 3278



Osborne Park Older Adult Mental Health Service - Inpatient and Community Service
G Block, Osborne Park Hospital, Osborne Place, Stirling WA 6021
Tel: (08) 6457 8300
Fax: (08) 6457 8311

Last Updated: 17/12/2021