Neurokin supporting neurodiverse colleagues at NMHS

Nuerokin Network

A new staff-led initiative is supporting neurodiverse colleagues and educating others to understand the benefits and challenges of a neurodiverse workforce.

Founded by Dr Sarah Bernard, a physician with autism and ADHD, Neurokin has grown thanks to the work of a committed neurodivergent leadership team, including nurse manager Kathryn Boon.

The peer support group launched at North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) has now expanded to include nurses, doctors, project staff and admin/clerical staff at other health service providers.

The group meets regularly and organises events to help support each other. It covers such topics as reasonable adjustments in the workplace and dealing with feelings of loneliness.

Neurokin has partnered with WA Disability Health Network and the Staff with Disabilities and Allies Network and welcomes any staff member who identifies as neurodivergent.

NMHS is committed to ensuring that people with disability have equitable access to health services, information and employment opportunities which are available to those without disability. It aims to provide a culture that embraces flexibility, inclusion and diversity.

Dr Bernard said that by encouraging a strengths-based, neurodiversity affirming approach across health services, Neurokin hopes to build perseverance, resilience, and confidence in their membership group.

“Neurokin also recognises that a more inclusive, diverse healthcare service benefits both staff and patients,” she said.

“This concept has been strongly embraced by NMHS executive who recognise the importance of inclusivity and diversity and value a health workforce which represents the community it serves.”


Last Updated: 22/01/2024